About the Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU)

What is Self Advocacy?



Self advocacy is when you speak up for yourself and your rights. You can speak up on your own, but you can also speak up as a group!

What are Self Advocacy Groups?


Self advocacy groups are run by people with disabilities who have joined together to have their voices heard and to support each other.

They work together to make sure they have the same rights, choices, and opportunities as anyone else.

What does the Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU) do?



SARU began in 2008 to resource and support self advocacy groups across Victoria for people with an intellectual disability, acquired brain injury or people with complex communication requirements such as people who are deafblind. Complex communication needs also includes people with disability whose first language is not English.

People with disabilities and self advocates have a say in all of the work the SARU does. Self advocacy groups can join SARU forums and conferences and also help to plan the forums and conferences.

SARU has 3 key deliverables:

  • ​Establishing new self advocacy groups
  • Building capacity and strength into established self advocacy groups
  • SARU governance and office operations

How can the SARU help Self Advocacy groups?




The SARU can help people to:

  • Set up new groups and run meetings
  • Make goals and write a self advocacy group plan
  • Connect with other groups and service providers in their area
  • Find resources such as:
    • Funding for the group
    • Meeting Spaces
    • Equipment e.g. cameras, video cameras, printers, computers
  • Create resources such as:
    • DVDs, plain English online newsletters and printed newsletters
    • Training kits, booklets, audio tapes, planning tools
    • Websites
  • Strengthen local self advocacy groups to make change
  • Learn about how to run forums, exhibits, and campaigns


There are lots of other ways SARU might be able to help. You can email us or join us on Facebook!


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